Unique receptors are developed to give tesla coils applications which are otherwise used only for experimentation on wireless electrcity.
green power
The price for an average 3BHK house to be made wireless is approx. $6000 - $8000

While you use wire to transmit electricity, 80% energy is lost while transmitting current through it.

Hence we are here with a solution which will save your Money and Electricity both !

key features

wirelessly power application within a 10 meters range
comatible with isi and iso marked appliances
15 times more efficient then wires
money back gurantee if your bill does not reduce by 50% or more

tesla coil reception system application

  • No need to remove wires that are already there. Just install our modules which take less than 10 minutes of installation time.
  • Power any appliance rated between 15 to 100 watts.
  • Can be used in Public gatheerings, events for giving guests modules to charge their mobile phones while going around the event.
  • Smart energy monitoring system included so you can use your daily, weekly and monthly electricity consumptions for each receptor.
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