aditya bhatt
(founder and CEO)
Age : 16 Years

Background : School student, Maker, Entrepreneur, MIT Fab academy graduate.

Aditya founded the company when he was still in class 10 with a vision of bringing his invention out to the world and to solve the rising issue of energy in the world. Now, the company has picked up multiple industries under his leadership and has been super-successful in the energy domain as his vision was and still is. He aims at impacting at least 2 Billion lives before he turns 25.

Aditya has recently been nominated for Forbes-30-under for the social impact he is making through his innovations. Aditya also has an experience of more than 8 years in electronics, robotics, and power electronics.

Background : Student at Wisconsin Madison, Maker.

Kritarth has been in the company since its beginning and has played a major role in the development of the company. Kritarth is an all-rounder and assists in the major innovations as well as the key decisions that are taken in the company. He is also an expert in Electronics, Robotics with an experience of more than 5 years in it.

Kritarth vyas
[CSO (Chief Strategic Officer) & Co-CTO]
Age : 18 Years
Priyavratsinh Rathore
[COO (Chief of Operations), VP of R & D]
Age : 16 Years

Priyavrat is a high school student who loves experimenting with new designs, CAD tools and 3-D printing. He is currently working on making the products better and manages all the operations in Ahmedabad for the company. He also manages the 3-D printing services, PCB milling and other resources of the company.

Nilansh is a part of the team since last 1 year. He has made significant contributions in taking the company vision to various other countries. He is in-charge of Networking, fundraising, overall team synchronising, and R & D management.

Nilansh Shah
[Co-managing director and Head of Networking]

technical advisary board

balaji srinivasana

Balaji is a serial Entreprenure and angel investor based in palo alto, California. Balaji is mentoring the company on the products that we are developing. Balaji has over 10 years of experience in the startup culture and has had several successful exits till now the latest one being an IPO.

Devanshu vakil

Devanshu is helping the company with Equity and fundraising. He has been in the corporate sector since last 5 years and also own his own CA firm. He is the youngest member on our technical advisory board.

manish bhatt

Mr. Manish is advising the company with all the financial matters from improving the valuations, Tax management, legal procedures, IP etc. He is a well known stock market analysit across India and has been with us from the beginning of our journey. He has been extremely successful as an industrialist and business head in all other ventures he has founded.

Kaushik Thakker

Mr. Kaushik has recently joined us and is helping us with our Pilot testing in India and USA. He has been very helpful for making good connections for the company and spreading the word all over which has created a lot of goodwill for us. Mr. Kaushik has his own companies in India and Italy plus he also has an experience of more than 10 years as business head in various industries.

our board members

asha jadeja

Asha Jadeja is a well known venture capitalist and philantrophist in the silicon valley. She has invested in companies like GOOGLE, PAY-PAL, TWITTER, PINTREST, etc. She was our main investor in the pre-seed round and has commited to invest further in our Series-A round as well. She is the wife of late Stanford professor Rajeev Motwani, who was the mentor of Sergy Brin and Larry Page, the founders of GOOGLE. She has a lot of faith in our product and wants to see us grow dyanimcaly.

aditya bhatt

Aditya is the master mind behind the company and has started the venture with a goal of disrupting the energy industry with his product. He is leading the company from the front now. He is a maker, innovator and has an experience of more than 6 years in Electronics, power electronics, micro-robotics, and renewable energy research. He also became the youngest Indian to graduate from FAB ACADEMY MIT this year.

Aditya has specially started an R&D lab in Ahmedabad so that young makers like him can learn 3-D printing

manish bhatt

Mr. Manish Bhatt is a well known stock market analysit across India. He has been an extremely successful business head and is a founder of 3 schools in Gujarat as well as a director in a couple of big institution. Mr Bhatt is a master in equity management, investment, capitalisation and management. It is an honour having him on our board. He has been guiding the company since the beginning.

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