The best of the embedded integrated solutions we have is the knocki automation device.
green power
The average cost for a 3BHK automation is $3000.

We provide home-automation and artificial intelligence solutions as per the need of our customers. Wi-Fi, IR and Voice controlled home automation.

We customise our products as per the needs of our users. All our products are user friendly and easy to use for any person with no technical knowledge.

key features

Control all home appliances just by a tap on your wall.
Can be easily mounted on wall or any other surface that you want to make tap sensitive to control your appliances as per your requirement by configuring the number of taps.
Find lost items synced with knocki
Power cut-off and emergency alerts.
Wi-Fi and Bluetooth notifications on real time data of various devices.
Can be easily synced with all our other products.
We provide 1 year of warrenty and free services up to 3 years. (Terms and conditions apply)
We provide our own artificial intelligence software that suits the user's language and speech requirements. (The software is J.A.R.V.IS 1.0). Our software understands and interprets more than 25 languages with a very accurate response and stimulus system.
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