Freejulator is the world's first decive capable of generationg energy out of thin air.
applied for patent
electrcity from renewable
2000 devices given in UP villages for pilot testing
green power
average costing- $15

The version shown in the pictures is the alpha version of our device which is capable of changing a mobile phone, lighting up LED bulb and power small appliances as well.

The beta version is currently under development stage and will be ready soon.

The Freejulator basically uses the radient energy which is present all around us using an antenna which is 2 feet by 4 feet (as shown in image 2). It is 45% more efficient than solar as well as 10 times cheaper than solar.

The output can be increased manually just by putting the antenna at a certain height above the ground using our user manual and guide.

key features

100% clean energy
100% wether proof
75% efficiency
temper proof
10 times more cost effective than solar
compitable to arduino, raspberry pi, etc.
1 year warranty & free service

mechanical features

Freejulator is specifically designed in a way that it can be easily carried from place to plaace, mounted in existing infrastructure or castings.
freejulator antenna have a light weight design so they can be easily installed at ceertain height above the ground as per the out-put requirements.
Our ABS casing is 100% temper proof and water resistant. We gurantee the top performance of our device in any weather and geographical conditions.

product specification

power output

5-10 watts

voltage output range

5-9 volts

ampere output range

800 ma - 1.2 amps

freejulator applications

  • Mobile phone charging (Any phone)
  • Available with energy monitoring system to track how much energy you saved.
  • Perfect to power IOT devices and boards such as Arduino, Rasberry Pi, Beagle bone etc.
  • USB LED lights, emergency camping light, or underwater LED light.
  • Can power a range of small appliances just by increasing the antenna height from the ground.
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