Our world-class team of scientist, engineers, thought leaders and communicators are committed to tackling the world's most pressing social and environmental challenges with game-changing technology.
Founded & Established

The company is based in palo alto, california and was founded in 2016 by aditya bhatt in May 2016. We now also have our office in bangalore, mumbai and ahmedabad. Recently a new R & D lab was started in Ahmedabad with high-tech equipment's such as Milling machine, Laser cutter and 3-D printer.

Our start-up has been funded by Asha Jadeja in our pre-seed round, two more venture capitalists have committed for a funding of 10 million dollars in the series A round. We have consistently grown from a valuation of $100,000 to $5 Million now.

We have tied up with Standford for our further research and mentorship as well as with
Goo gle for technical support, pilot testing and manufacturing all over the world.

From Idea to Realisation

Our company Aims at solving the energy problem which is a huge problem all over the world especially the devloping nations with the renewable resources being far more expensive and out of reach for them.

We have made a breakthrough by inventing the Freejulator which is capable of beating Fossil fuels, solar cells and a lot of other existing tech. The company is devloping products in a lot of other domains as well to provide affordable and sustainable solutions.

We have Nikola Tesla as our idol whose mission we have taken up to save the world from the crisis of Energy which is about to arise in the next 2-3 decades. Apart from this we also are working on reviving the Vedic technology from Hindu vedas and Agamas which contain the great source from cosmos on ideas such as Vimanas (UFO), Vedic electric battery, quantum physics etc. For that we have tied up with Nithyananda Dyanapeetham in Bangalore and closely working with them to come up with breakthroughs which can benefit the whole humanity.

Vision never so clear!

Our goal for next 5 years is to reach out to at least 2 billion people and impaact their lives by delivering our products to them as well as bringing light to their lives by solving the energy issues.

The us federal has agreed to support our innovations in a recent acquisition signed by our Founder.

" If you want to find secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."
- Nikola Tesla
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