We are a bunch of young , talented and innovative folks. We are contributing to save the world from the future energy crisis and such other issues
our goal

We want to revive the free energy, wireless electricity and such other products which will replace all the orthodox, power consuming and inefficient electricity generation plants, cables etc.

our vision

Our vision is to replace the existing orthodox energy and generation and transmission workforce technology and introduce skilled, smarter and efficient technology capable of powering households as well as working on an industrial scale. We intend to keep it durable as well as cost effective.

quality policy

amb industries is fully integrated and committed towards achieving the highest standards of quality in all of its units. We believe in constant maintanence and chekups of our organization's setup

core strength

Our core strength lies in our dynamic, versatile and highly experienced team members. We are a combination of highly inventive indivudials who possess a high level of proficiency.

We envision a world free from the usage of fossil fuels and are working to replace them by reaching out to each and every part on the planet and to provide them affordable and sustainable electricity for generations.
electricity from fossil
of electricity is still generated from fossil fuel
electricity from renewable
of electricity is still generated from renewable energy
green power
$ 1k
million being invested into green power in 2016
Join more than 2 millions households that are helping to support our renewable energy sector and are reducing their impact on environment
Eco energy for your business is easy, you don't need to change your electricity supplier or existing electricity contract and you still get the same reliability of supply

our products

tesla coil reception system
tesla coil reception system
industrial coil
industrial tesla coil system

our clients

amb industries has been providing products to various small and large businesses all over India and US. The response has been fabulous so for even during our Pilot testing.
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